September 22nd was the first official day of fall 2020.  As we head into colder weather, we cover up more of our bodies, and absorb less sunlight which is one of three ways we can increase vitamin D in our bodies.  Vitamin D has many effects on the body but as a hormone it can also help reduce your risk of COVID.

Recently there were published studies that show the supplement vitamin D can protect you from SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19.  If you do contract the virus, vitamin D may also reduce the severity of the illness.

When I had COVID at the end of March my body craved sunlight.  I would sit in the sun at least 20 min a day.  Of course I do not have a quantitative measure of how much it helped, but qualitatively it lifted my mood, and at some cellular level I believe it helped with the virus.

As we enter the fall and winter months many of us will be getting less sunshine so I would encourage you to take a vitamin D supplement daily. Of course the disclaimer here is to check with your Healthcare provider prior to doing this. However, if you currently have no medical conditions and are healthy there is really no reason why you cannot do this.