Precovid health care providers/workers/staff overall had rate of suicide more than twice that of the general population*. COVID has not changed this and perhaps things are even more serious than we currently acknowledge.

COVID has brought about huge changes for people that work in healthcare. As a student, a preceptor told me that this is a field you don’t go into if you want recognition. Fifteen years later I started to understand why that person told me that, coronavirus struck, and apparently then I was a hero.

For over 15 years I took care of patients, and the saving grace I had was I never became really ill.  COVID changed that for me and countless others.  It took me six weeks to recover fully from it, and I am one of the lucky ones.  

In the past, we would go to work, and come home, take off the scrubs and/or shirt/khakis, shower, and be done with the day.  COVID changed this because at the end of the day we are going home wondering at some level if we have contracted the disease, or have we given it to a family member?

When I had COVID I didn't see my kids for over a month.  This was the most painful part of the process for me.  Not having the family support hurts many of us during this time.  There was a time up until six months ago when you could hop into the back of the ambulance and comfort your loved one as they went to the Emergency Department at your local hospital.  No more.