Today is World Mental Health Day so we will focus on raising awareness of depression and anxiety.

With depression people often isolate themselves from friends and family. Often with depression there is also some degree of concomitant anxiety. The first step for many is simply reaching out for help. I urge you if you are feeling depressed, isolated, or anxious to reach out to family, friends, or at bare minimum a therapist or health care provider for help.

Medical management of Depression, Anxiety, ADHD, and Insomnia is what I do in my practice. The best combination shown through research especially for moderate to severe depression is some form of therapy and prescription medication.

One thing worth mentioning is as we move into colder weather and the gradual shortening of our days, some individuals are more prone to depression. Not to mention we are living in a time of a pandemic. My practice is about helping people get through these challenging times. I can also refer you to a qualified therapist. Sometimes the hardest thing is just getting started especially when suffering with depression. Reach out.